Featuring the artwork of Tasia Selimos, Westbury Jordan, Stephany Victorine and Rosemary Allan.

Artist 2 Stephany Victorine Waiting (1).

Stephany Victorine uses linocut on colored paper to create illustrative moments with a visceral quality to what may once have been a snapshot. “Waiting” depicts figures wearing masks, in a daily scene, with foliage and a streetscape to frame them. Extraordinarily reminiscent of Snow’s figurative relief prints, Victorine is in conversation with Snow’s legacy by engaging in recognizable and memorable moments of the ‘everyday’, and the curiosity of the physical and emotional landscape of the city in this time frame. Using line and texture that is undeniably reminiscent of  Snow’s style, Victorine provides a contemporary voice to the artistic conversation with Snow and proves the legacy of mentorship is endless and cyclical. When we examine and interact artistically with everyday moments, art becomes accessible through the potential of collective understanding of these moments.”