Another wonderful show that we, The Fem Assembly, had at @workshopstudiosyyc ! Sad to have not been there in person but still glad to be part of it! I got to work with the other members of the collective, The Fem Assembly, who are an amazing group of artists of different mediums and this show allowed to give a glimpse of what were working on since our last show in December 2021.

My piece, “Imperfect Printing” was lino on fabric, which i then sewed into a sarong. In the Seychelles women wear sarongs for leisure and to also beat off the heat. I also wear it in the winter times when at home as a form of comfort coz i hate pants. I also explored the imperfection of printmaking -blotches and inconsistencies – and wanted to show the process it took to get to the finished piece.

Ink on Yellow Cotton
Proofings of the designs I printed onto the fabric
A glimpse of other artists' work. Stephany Victorine. Heather Buchanan. Christina Krentz. Kelly Isaak. Claudia Chagoya